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Cisive formerly known as CARCO

July Holidays
  • Friday, July 3rd: Independence Day Observed (Office Closed)
  • Saturday, July 4th: Independence Day
  • Saturday, July 4th: International Day of Cooperatives
  • Wednesday, July 1st: Canada Day, Canada
  • Monday, July 6th: MHIP Day, India
  • Wednesday, July 8th: Behdienkhlam, India
  • Thursday, July 9th: Nunavut Day, Canada
  • Monday, July 13th: Orangeman's Day, Canada; Battle of the Boyne, United Kingdom
  • Tuesday, July 14th: Ker Puja, India
  • Friday, July 17th: U Tirot Sing Day
  • Monday, July 20th: Hareli & Bonalu, India
  • Thursday, July 30th and Friday, July 31st: Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham Singh, India
  • Thursday, July 30th through Tuesday, August 4th: Muslim countries throughout the world will observe Eid Al Adha

Cisive COVID-19 Update

As we anticipate closures of courts, employers, and schools, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be maintaining lists of impacts and ensuring that they are updated daily before Noon EST. These updates are available through the following links:

As a reminder, the delays and closures mentioned may not fully represent that information will not be available electronically, and we are currently finding that our verifications and work is able to continue.

Here are our current findings and plans for each of these areas:

  • Courts: We are beginning to see courts around the nation reopening after suspending operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Courts are beginning to allow in-person research again. There is a clear emphasis on safety and following the CDC guidelines, many courts are even going above and beyond those guidelines. As an enterprise we rely heavily on in-person research in many jurisdictions across the country. We have learned there are many challenges our researches are facing when visiting courts in person. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the obstacles we are facing with you.

    • Some courts only allow researchers on an appointment-only basis.
    • Some courts have caps on the number of researchers allowed inside at one time. For example, Bartow County in Georgia only allows three people in the lobby at one time and a maximum of four researchers in their records room at one time.
    • Some courts have removed or blocked public access terminals to enforce social distancing, which often cuts researcher availability by half or more.
    • Some courts are limiting the amount of time you can use these public access terminals. In Cook County, IL, they limit it to 45-minute sessions.

    And some courts are doing a combination, or all, of the above.

    So what does this mean for you?

    In some instances, you may see longer turnaround times due to limitations on the number of researchers allowed in the courts, availability of appointments, availability of public access terminals, and a cap on the amount of time that researchers can use the court resources. We may also see higher prices for in-court research. We will continue to work diligently with our researchers to work through the backlog of requests that came in while the courts were closed.

  • Drug Testing Collection Sites: As sites close or if applicants are unwilling to visit a site in certain areas, we are able to update the sites available and we can work with applicants to help them find other site options.
  • Employers: Many employers utilize third party verification services that will maintain service. We also anticipate that many businesses will continue to provide verifications once they finalize their business continuity work. In the event that a response from a business is delayed or we find that the business is closed we will report available information.
  • MVR: Cisive’s access to state motor vehicle records is not impacted by the closure of state offices. It is expected that updates to the states’ databases will be impacted only by the public not being able to visit the state office in the event they need to physically process a renewal.
  • Schools: The majority of education verifications we perform are completed through the National Student Clearinghouse with whom we have directly confirmed will be able to maintain service through college and university closures. We also anticipate some other colleges or universities will have their admissions officers working from home and will be able to provide verifications. We do anticipate broader difficulties with high school verifications, and in the event that we find a school is closed we will report available information.

As your partner in this, we will continue to be available to assist with contingency or emergency hiring policy discussions, and able to quickly help with creative solutions or updates to packages. We are honored to be a part of your organization’s response to this situation. On behalf of all of us at Cisive, we’re committed to being your partner and persevering together in the days ahead. As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas and feedback.

Cisive Coronavirus (COVID-19) Readiness and Assistance: Learn More

I-9/E-Verify Update

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued an update to their May 14th announcement on the extension of the temporary flexibility in rules related to the deferment of the physical examination of documents. The guidance from DHS stated that the temporary allowance of the virtual review of documents would expire on June 18th. At which point the employer would need to meet with the employees within the next three business days to conduct the physical examination of the documents and update the Form I-9 accordingly. DHS has announced an additional 30-day extension of the temporary flexibility. This guidance will only allow employers that are operating 100% remotely with additional time to continue the virtual review of documents until July 19th, 2020.

Cisive will continue to monitor details on this topic as they develop. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Client Services Representative.

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